Server Information

The only Ragnarok Online server without evolution limits for your characters.
Without boundaries of evolution, your creative and exploring capabilities are endless!
Our goal is to offer an entirely new Ragnarok Online experience, while maintaining the originality of the game to the fullest.
Follow us on this incredible journey that is just beginning.

Totally free, forever!


Episode: 16.2 Renewal
Max Job Level: 70/60 (Transc/3rd)
Max ASPD: 195
Server Location: New York City, USA


Exp Base & Job: 6x » 10x (Floating Rates)
Item & Equip drop: 6x » 10x (Floating Rates)
Normal Card drop: 6x
Miniboss Card drop: 2x
MVP Card drop: 1x
GTB Card: Nullify 50% damage from all magic spells

Player Commands

@commands Displays a list of @ commands available to the player.
@changedress Removes all character costumes.
@autoloot Enables or disables autolooting items from killed mobs.
@autotrade Allows you continue vending offline, then logs off.
@showexp Toggles the display of experience gain messages.

@mobinfo Shows monster info (stats, exp, drops etc).
@refresh Synchronizes and refreshes the client screen.
@rates Displays the instant rates.
@noks Toggles Kill Steal Protection.
@duel Create dueling event.
@invite Challenge someone to a duel.
@accept Accept duel challenge.
@reject Reject duel challenge.
@leave Leave dueling event.

Custom npcs

Healer Heals all HP and SP of your character.
Job Master Performs the change and evolution of character classes.
Warper Teleports your character to cities, fields and dungeons.
Stylist Changes your style, color of hair and color of clothes.
Arena Agent Teleports you to the battlefields of the Arena of Death.
Commands Selection Assists you in setting up the @commands that will be used automatically when entering the game.
Channel Manager Assists you in setting up the #channels that will be used automatically when entering the game.