Below you will find the links to download the files needed to play TalesRO.

We offer two download versions of our client: full client and lite client.


Full client already contains all the necessary files. Just download and play.


Lite client includes only basic TalesRO files.
You must have a fully updated kRO client so that you can play without errors.

How to Install

1. Choose only one of the above options to download.
2. Run the downloaded file and proceed with the installation as instructed by the installer.
3. On the desktop there will be a shortcut: TalesRO Patcher.
4. Open it and wait until it finishes updating.
5. After updater finishes its work, it will display a message saying that everything is ready to go.
6. Click Start and have fun!

PS: If you chose Lite Client, it must be installed in the same folder where your kRO client's data.grf file is installed.

If you are still experiencing problems, read our guides or seek help from our forums.